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jueves, 29 de abril de 2010

Heroic Fantasy in Barricada Comics

Reading the post in the group Barricade I found out that they were gliding to do the special one on Sword and Sorceress. Always I liked to draw Barbarian warriors and these things. So I signed in the list of Fernando Sosa. Already there were many scriptwriters and draftsmen working, they spent a script to Me and it was a surprise to meet again with Pedro Belushi with whom I did several episodes of Shocks, one of the tales that goes out in Axxón e-zine. Here they can see some emblems of the comic that we did for this one specially of Barricade, are colored by me, but those who will appear in the magazine will be published by gray attachés by Pedro. I wait they like them.

Illustrations of the end of Sálvat second series

This are the images that accompany the closing of Sálvat, the Nomad second series. I used new technologies(skills), a bit thinking about the last part and in the works that it was doing at the same time for my other story "Confronts of gods". The story suffered many modifications and corrections. I motivate for that the delivery time in spanish e-zine Aurora bitzine delayed my publisher. I took freedoms ultimately, including many lyrics of songs, (Heavy metal songs off course) always I do it, but I do not pass from one or three songs. For this story I used of many to tell the action. As anecdote, there appears a character called Liu, the same one who already was intervening in that crossover of Sálvat and Alexis Brito Delgado's Dorian Stark in short storie we are called "Blood Brothers". It show very much on the origin of the same one. I wait they like the story and drawings.
Regards, M.C.