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lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2009

Sálvat Illustrations

Sálvat, a Nomad Adventures, public bimonthly in Aurora Bitzine. As I once said, my original intention was recreate an emulation of my admired Conan the barbarian. But I failed. The finished result being an adventurer with many differences with the style can be expected on Heroic Fantasy. I think it was because they change environment,time and place.

Sálvat live in a post holocaust future. the survivors retreated to a barbarian state among tecnologics ruins of previous CIVILIZATION. Gradually, the character I was going to the rocknroll rebel. I was following the model of the warrior, like RPGs. Introduce elements of esotericism, as has the sorcerers. The idea of the curse, usually falls on the Michael Moorcock's characters. Of course begin a sketch, when I listen heavy metal for 24 hours, my heroes were called Dickinson, Halford, Osbourne .... It occurred to me, the soundtrack of these stories under Judas Priest songs: revenge, motorcycles, cyber enemies and desert plains. The result was that I gave the characters a esthetic costume heavy groups of the eighties. Today, the entire Sálvat history has developed. The first group nine stories, tale about origins of character, his realization, formed and you extrasensory perceptions and their confrontation with the entity that transform an slave. Call that: Sálvat, The Nomad.

Later ihave many ideas for new adventures and I realized to have a trip. Then it occurred to made a motorcycle foe a nomad. I pass months viewing and reviewing journals Paris Dakar’rallies? s Dakar. >I saw Yamaha TX 600 is a reformed, Suzukis models with single-arm cantilever and the bikes circumnavigated the world was a Honda and BMW. but the fairings that I liked were in Kawasaki. I take elements from all sides and birth SANDY, the robot bike, Esquire and co-star of the series. The second part begins with Sálvat looking for answers, in a series of nine short stories subtitle: Sálvat The Wanderer

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