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martes, 23 de agosto de 2011

About Mortal Zombie

Three years ago, Charly JB, one of my best editors wrote to tell me that a writer was developing his idea for a story about zombies. I did not take the news with much encouragement, I've seen zombie movies and the truth are not my favorites. A few weeks later I receive the script Moraneus, who knew Landzer magazine staff. As always after the usual indications about the characters and the environment began to work, but needed to add something to motivate me. It was easy to find because the story was just gore but not much humor. A fine was not humor in the dialogues but playing with the images. One of the references to the weather was the film Creep. At that same month had seen it, but I am a fan of Sam Raimi, I wanted to give my true style zombies EVIL DEAD. So the firefighter jets of blood, body proportion, broken and infected. Strong men nearly indestructible and very sexy girls. All this was in the mind of Charly and Moraneus, I just exploits it to the fullest. He had completed about fifteen pages when Landzer closed and the project was canceled. The following years I was doing other stories, novels, biographies and a few other posters and illustration work. With the script in the drawer of my desk it occurred to me finish the story of 60 pages in my spare time. I added a few gags, a nod to my favorite rock bands and comic books in pages to set and the action scenes. Up to several text version Argentinize, as many scenarios can be recognized in the Buenos Aires city. Since I worked very quiet, without constraints, the gains realized in my entire, experimenting with new techniques and greatly improving the drawing from the front pages. After offering different publishers, I thought it best to publish it anyway, friends sites, even had agreed on a publication, when Charly wrote me asking if I had finished Mortal Zombie. I said yes, but only give the color. The news was that Virtualbuk was interested in giving the project the green light. The rest was just a little more work and finally, after many twists and turns already MORTAL ZOMBIE for sale. It was hard work, I have special affection because I did it over a period of transition between the crude and hysterical style he used in the stories in Black & White for the biographies and east, linked to the underground and European journals which is I like most. I have been told that you have some manga. I never thought so, but a friend commented to me, who knows why. Here some unpublished pages, I hope you like them.

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