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viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

Denny O'Neil - Comics writer. Author of The Saga of Ras Ghul - Green Lantern and Question.

Today's Guest: Denny O'Neil - Comics writer. Author of The Saga of Ras Ghul - Green Lantern and Question.

Hi, who are you? Introduce yourself in your own words, please.

I’m Denny O’Neil, retired writer and editor.

How did your liking of comics start?

I began reading ghem when I was very young and somehow never lost interest in gthem, though sometimes I didn’t see comics for years at a time.

And when did you feel the impulse to write comic scripts?

I was offered the job. Who wouldn’t accept it?

What subjects do you like to deal with in your stories?

Almost anything but war and so-called “romance.”

How do you judge whether a script is good or bad?

I don’t. Editors and readers do.

What are Comics to you?

The best job I could have hoped for.

I love Batman style detective in Ras Al Ghul Saga ¿Ras al Ghul is a character of your invention?


What do you think of Liam Neeson playing Ras al Ghul in Batman Begins?


I kept wanting to see Talia Al Ghul and Batman bare-chested in the film, but at least there's an animated version. Did you like this animation version?


Which of your scripts is the one you cherish the most? Why?

I like Bow from the Grave because I managed a genuine detective story in comics format, Slaughter of Innocents because it may have done some good in the real world, Green Lantern #76, ditto, and any of the Question stories except one because ghey were fun to do,

Do you think there are readers for what you write?


In Batman Venom narrates a struggle against addiction. Was I really liked an editors idea or happened to you?

My idea, and a topic I’m painfully familiar with.

Do you have any favorite e-zine?

Well, I write for ComicMix…

Is there any contemporary scriptwriter you are the follower of?

None in particular, though there are a lot of good ones

Who is your favorite scriptwriter?

See above answer.

In your opinion, do comic scriptwriters cooperate with each other or are isolated individuals?

We’re pretty much loners. It’s not a job that accommodates much collaboration.

What do you think of artists ?

Bless ‘em all.

You've worked with great masters artists. Can you tell something about Neal Adams? Or Mike Kaluta?

I’m on very good terms with them both and they’re still doing prime work.

Is it important the diffusion of new developments in comics?

I don’t know about important, but inevitable? Yes.

What do you think of self publishing?

I know verylittle about it.

Would you dare to give an opinion on an editor who had published you? Or had not published you?

I’d rather not.

What can you tell us about your job as an editor?

I can’t begin to do the subject justice in this limited format.

You have worked on many Marvel characters both DC Is there any character you like, but you have not written any stories yet?


It was hard for you to write “The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics”?

No. But it took longer than I anticipated.

Do you watch television?


What do you think of daily-life technological developments?

I’m not good at technology, but that’s my fault, not technology’s.

What do you think of the new forms of communication? And of social networks?

I’m on a couple of them, but I don’t participate in them much.

Nowadays youngsters follow adventures via videogames or movie stories conditioned by merchandising: do you feel this is going to replace traditional literature?

I imagine that it already has,

Do you imagine that some day we shall conquer space, as Star Trek depicts?

I hope so.

If there was a climate or ecology holocaust, what would you do?

Die along with everyone else.

Which is your favorite comic-based movie?

I’ve liked Nolan’s Batman movies, he first Iron Man and Captain America. And Watchmen.

Do you think that comic writers are nerds or bookworms detached from reality?

I can’t generalize.

Which was the last comic you read?

Justice League #1.

Will you come one day to visit your fans in Argentina?

Sure. We loved Argentina when we visited there a few years ago.

Do you think somebody is going to read this dialog?

Do you?

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